Power Up Your Party: Choose elegant uplighting or nightclub style dance floor lighting - or use the two in combination - to instantly add that unforgettable WOW that will really impress you and your guests. Infuse your decor with our visually appealing uplighting - vibrant and graceful at the same time, and designed to complement your color scheme perfectly. Then power up the South Beach club style when it's time to dance. Personalize your wedding, party, or corporate event with our custom monograms. Think of how beautiful the pictures and video will be! Lighting shows set to your music and elegant LED room uplighting will ensure your party will be an unforgettable experience.

Expect Excellence: Savvy brides and grooms know that trusted and experienced wedding specialists make all the difference. We create the perfect ambiance for our brides and grooms, from lavish opulence to SoBe chic to easy-going casual. Keeping the reception flowing smoothly, playing just the right music at just the right time, and having an engaging personality and MC skills that match your chosen style - now that's the value a professional wedding expert brings to your celebration. Say hello to a few couples delighted they chose Party Connection DJs!

We understand the desire for excellence in entertainment; We're committed to personal, customized service to help our corporate clients meet their individual planning goals and budgets. When it's time to "cut loose", your company will shine with Party Connection DJs heading up the party! (Images coming)

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